Staff List

Senior Leadership Team

Neil Tetley
Principal | Head of Secondary

Neil Tetley

Neil Tetley started as Principal at Hastings School in September 2018 having previously been Headmaster of Woodbridge School in the UK for four years. He has worked at numerous schools in the UK and abroad: Assistant Head at King’s College School, Wimbledon; Deputy Head at Sevenoaks School; schools in Japan, Italy and Belgium. He has a degree and MA in History from Cambridge University, a PGCE from Cambridge University and has completed MA modules in ‘Education in an International Context’ and ‘Leading and Managing Change in Education’ from Bath University.​

Assistant Principal | Head of Primary

Helen Ormerod

With over 23 years of teaching experience across the primary range, Helen joined Hastings from the UK in April 2016. She had spent over 15 years in senior leadership positions in a range of schools including 11 years as a Headteacher and most recently as CEO of a Multi-Academy Trust. Her passion for education, travel and languages prompted the move to Madrid.​

School Staff

Neil TetleyPrincipal | Head of Secondary  
Helen OrmerodAssistant Principal | Head of Primary
Emma DuffyDeputy Head 
Gary CookLearning Support Coordinator
Rachel RossiTeacherPre-Nursery
Laura del PozoTeaching AssistantPre-Nursery
Clare GilhooleyTeacherNursery
Sandra SevillejaTeaching AssistantNursery
Lidia MoraTeaching AssistantNursery
Marina MartínezTeacherNursery
Sara MartínezTeaching AssistantNursery
Ellie StokesTeaching AssistantNursery
Niccola StewartTeacherReception
Patricia RiveiroTeaching AssistantReception
Jessica McLauchlanTeacherReception
Daisy GuisasolaTeaching AssistantReception
Nicky Smith-ButlerTeacherNursery – Reception
Leonor RamirezTeaching AssistantNursery – Reception
Laura VegaTeaching AssistantNursery – Reception
Neil TetleyPrincipal | Head of Secondary 
Helen OrmerodAssistant Principal | Head of Primary 
Fiona ChapmanDeputy Head 
Gary CookLearning Support Coordinator
Debra CoghlanTeacherYear 1
Rosalind FergusonTeacherYear 1
David LesterTeacherYear 1
Hannah CollierTeacherYear 2
Jemma DaviesTeacherYear 2
Alice JosselynTeacherYear 2
Olivia BrownTeacherYear 3
Will HewsonTeacherYear 3
Jenny ReillyTeacherYear 3
Kerry HazelTeacherYear 4
Laura MabberleyTeacherYear 4
Sarah SweeneyTeacherYear 4
Silvia MartínSupport Teacher 
Maddie TowarekSupport Teacher 
Brendan CunnaneSupport Teacher 
Emma CordónSpanish Teacher 
Carolina MartínezSpanish Teacher 
Alicia GarcíaSpanish Teacher 
Mariví RubioSpanish Teacher 
Marcela FernándezMusic Teacher 
Hazel RobbinsMusic Teacher 
John MeighanDigital Learning 
Emma JonesTeaching Assistant 
Ben CallowayTeaching Assistant 
Leire BenlliureTeaching Assistant 
Clara Santos FernándezSpanish Teaching Assistant 
Neil TetleyPrincipal | Head of Secondary 
Helen OrmerodAssistant Principal | Head of Primary
Anne McConnelDeputy Head 
Gary CookLearning Support Coordinator
Amy McGinlayTeacherYear 4 – Year 5
Siobhan Moore-LynchTeacherYear 5
Jason MallonTeacherYear 5
Anne McConnelTeacherYear 5
Craig HillisTeacherYear 6
Tommy ConnorTeacherYear 6
Sarah DalgleishTeacherYear 6
Tristan PilsworthTeaching Assistant 
Marcela FernandezMusic Teacher 
Concha CelestinoSpanish Teacher 
Mariví RubioSpanish Teacher
Neil TetleyPrincipal | Head of Secondary 
Helen OrmerodAssistant Principal | Head of Primary 
Linda CarruthersDeputy Head of Secondary (Pastoral) Teacher of Art & Design KS5A Level, IGCSE
Rose BryantDeputy Head of Secondary (Academic) | English Literature Teacher | Drama and Theatre TeacherA Level
Marta PérezHead of Character Development | PE TeacherKS3, KS4, KS5
Julie OakleyHead of 6th Form | French Teacher | Careers and UK Universities AdvisorIGCSE
Susana GarcíaKS4 Coordinator |Spanish Teacher for Geografía e Historía & Spanish (MFL)A Level, KS4, KS3
Melody SunmanKS3 Coordinator | Maths TeacherKS3
Aled ThomasExaminations Officer | Economics & Business TeacherA Level, IGCSE
Andrés AguayoEnglish TeacherKS3, KS4
Andrew McEachenAssistant Head of Sixth Form | Head of Science | Biology TeacherA Level, IGCSE
Anna BrickleAssistant Head of ScienceKS3, KS4, KS5
Anne LydonEnglish Teacher | Drama TeacherKS3
Antonio AsensioPE TeacherKS3, KS4, KS5
Benjamin MilnesAssistant Head of Maths KS4
Blanca OssetHead of ArtKS3, A Level, IGCSE
Carmela JonesHead of ICTA Level, IGCSE, KS3
Claudio MastrangeloLanguages Assistant 
Cristina GascaLearning Support & School Psychologist 
David O’ConnorComputer Science TeacherA Level, IGCSE
David Olivares PachecoSpanish Teacher for Biología, Matemáticas, Química (PCE)KS5
Debbie RichardsEnglish TeacherKS3, IGCSE, A Level
Ernesto MormeneoHead of Spanish | Spanish Teacher for Geografía e Historía y Fase Específica, Dibujo Técnico (PCE) KS3, KS5
Gary CookLearning Support Coordinator 
Grace ConroyHead of Physical EducationKS3, KS4, KS5
Graham OrmerodGeography & History TeacherKS3
Hal PattendenChemistry Teacher 
Javier Pérez PrietoSpanish Teacher for LenguaKS3
Jeffrey SerbusMaths TeacherKS3, KS4, KS5
Jo Elliott-MellEnglish Teacher KS3, KS4, KS5
Julie ColomièsFrench TeacherKS3, KS4
Kevin BeerSixth Form Assistant/Geography TeacherKS3, KS5
Lara PlansSpanish Teacher for Geografía e HistoríaKS3, KS4
Leah SmithHead of GeographyA Level, IGCSE, KS3
Lesley ClarkHead of Humanities | History TeacherA Level, IGCSE, KS3
Melina CloupLanguages AssistantKS3, KS4, KS5
Michael ConnollyScience & Maths TeacherKS3
Michael McSherryScience Teacher KS3, KS4, KS5
Milagros RomeraSpanish Teacher for Lengua y LiteraturaKS3, KS4, KS5
Nancy RaffinFrench TeacherKS3, KS4, KS5
Nuria LunaLaboratory Technician 
Rafa CarrascoSpanish Teacher for Lengua and Geografía e Historía KS3, KS4
Ramón AmorósArt TeacherKS3, KS4
Rosa MartínezScience TeacherA Level, IGCSE, KS3
Sam ZeitoHead of Maths | Maths TeacherKS4, KS5
Stephen KnightMusic TeacherKS3, KS4
Tony LyonsScience TeacherKS4, KS5
Vicky WrightTeaching and Learning Coordinator | Head of EnglishA Level, IGCSE
Victoria Harris Business and Economics TeacherKS4, KS5
James DevlinTeacher assistant Lower KS2Primary
Patricia ArranzSpanish teacherPrimary
Ruth InglesonYear 3 teacherPrimary
Neil TetleyPrincipal | Head of Secondary 
Helen OrmerodAssistant Principal | Head of Primary 
Scott O’DonnellDeputy Head 
Gary CookLearning Support Coordinator
Jill OrmrodSupport Teacher 
Alli BierhausTeacherNursery
Caroline NordstromTeacherReception
Jane MondejarTeacherYear 1
Chari GonzalezTeacherYear 2
Patricia ArranzSpanish Teacher 
Isabel NavazoMusic Teacher 
Ashley JohnstonTeaching AssistantNursery
Soraya NuñezTeaching AssistantNursery
Gabriel Cons de SouzaTeaching AssistantYear 1 – Year 2
Rebecca UhartTeaching AssistantReception