Senior Leadership Team

Phil Hudson Interim Collegiate Head of the school

Phil Hudson

I started my career in the UK, being a teacher for 12 years. After that, I had several management positions. I have led the Primary and Secondary sections, and also been Head, of many International School around the globe in countries like Tanzania, India, Oman, Hong Kong, Colombia, El Salvador, Mumbai and, also here in Spain, at SEK-Catalunya.


Hal Pattenden Head of Secondary

Hal Pattenden

‘Hal Pattenden graduated from Imperial College London in 1997, after spending a few years in industry in the UK, he joined Hastings in 2009 as teacher of chemistry. He has since held the positions of Head of Science, Head of Faculty, Deputy Head and Joint Interim Head of Secondary. He is passionate about teaching and learning as well as chemistry and is looking forward to the challenge of his new position.’

Helen Ormerod Interim collegiate Head of the School & Head of Primary

Helen Ormerod

With over 23 years of teaching experience across the primary range, Helen joined Hastings from the UK in April 2016. She had spent over 15 years in senior leadership positions in a range of schools including 11 years as a Headteacher and most recently as CEO of a Multi-Academy Trust. Her passion for education, travel and languages prompted the move to Madrid.


School Staff

Helen Ormerod Head of Primary / Interim Collegiate Head
Phil Hudson Interim Collegiate Head
Alex Jones Deputy Head of Early Years
Gary Cook Learning Support Coordinator
Rachel Rossi Teacher Pre-Nursery R
Clare Gilhooley Teacher Nursery
Jessica Hicks Teacher Nursery
Amber Brown Teacher Nursery
Emma Duffy Teacher / EYFS Coordinator Reception
Laura Rostron Teacher Reception
Jessica McLaughlan Teacher Reception
Emma Jones Teaching Assistant Pre-Nursery
Laura del Pozo Teaching Assistant Pre-Nursery
Leonor Ramírez Teaching Assistant Pre-Nursery
Marta Jiménez Teaching Assistant Nursery
Gisela Leal Teaching Assistant Nursery
Patricia Riveiro Teaching Assistant Nursery
Sara Martínez Teaching Assistant Nursery
Gisela Leal Teaching Assistant Nursery
Linda McKenzie Teaching Assistant Reception
Nicola Stewart Teaching Assistant Reception
Laura Vega Teaching Assistant Reception
Marina Martínez Support Teacher
Helen Ormerod Head of Primary / Interim Collegiate Head
Phil Hudson Interim Collegiate Head
Gary Cook Learning Support Coordinator
Fiona Chapman KS1 & Lower KS2 Deputy Head
Rosalind Ferguson Teacher Year 1
Alice Josselyn Teacher / KS1 coordinator Year 1
David Lester Teacher Year 1
Veronica Jerónimo Teaching Assistant KS1
Benjamin Callaway Teaching Assistant KS1
Hannah Collier Teacher Year 2
Colette Duffy Teacher Year 2
Tom Goodall Teacher Year 2
Ellie Stokes Teaching Assistant KS1
Silvia Martín Support Teacher KS1
Kerry Hazel Teacher / Lower KS2 coordinator Year 3
William Hewson Teacher Year 3
Claire Timmons Teacher Year 3
Lynne Hayes TALK2 / Yrs 5&6 Food Technology
Hazel Robbins Support Teacher Years 1 to 4
Laura Mabberley Teacher Year 4
Amy McGinlay Teacher Year 4
John Meighan Teacher Year 4
Brendan Cunnane Support Teacher Years 3 & 4
Carolina Martínez Spanish Teacher Years 1 & 2
Mariví Rubio Spanish Teacher 2,3 & 4
Alicia García Spanish Teacher Years 3 & 4
Carmina Silván Spanish Support Teacher
Marcela Fernández Music Teacher Lower KS2
Natalie Gould Music Teacher KS1
Antonio Asensio PE Teacher
Helen Ormerod Head of Primary / Interim Collegiate Head
Phil Hudson Interim Collegiate Head
Gary Cook Learning Support Coordinator
Scott O’Donnell Upper KS2 Deputy Head
Jason Mallon Teacher Year 5
Darragh Murphy Teacher Year 5
Antonia Thomas Teacher Year 5
Sarah Dalgleish Teacher Year 6
Craig Hillis Teacher Year 6
Anne McConnell Teacher Year 6 / Upper KS2 coordinator
Lynne Hayes AM Playground Monitor / Food technology
Leanne Magnus Upper KS2 Support Teacher
Concha Celestino Spanish teacher Years 5 & 6
Mariví Rubio Spanish teacher Year 5
Marcela Fernández Music Teacher Upper KS2
Antonio Asensio PE Teacher Upper KS2


Phil Hudson Interim Collegiate Head
Hal Pattenden Head of Secondary
Julie Oakley Head of 6th Form, French Teacher and Careers and UK Universities Advisor IGCSE
Melody Sunman KS3 Coordinator –  Maths Teacher KS3
Linda Carruthers Secondary Deputy Head – Pastoral; Head of Art, Design, & Photography. A Level, IGCSE
Gary Cook Learning Support Coordinator
Cristina Gasca Learning Support
Andrés Aguayo Language Support Teacher – English KS3
Michael Connolly Science & Maths Teacher KS3
Stephen Knight Music Teacher KS3
Anne Lydon English Literature & Language Teacher; Drama Teacher KS3
Julie Colomiès French Teacher KS3
Andrew Jannetta Head of French KS3
Graham Ormerod Geography & History Teacher KS3
Javier Pérez Prieto Spanish Teacher Lengua, Geografia and Fase Específica KS3, KS4, Bachillerato
Lara Plans Spanish Sociales KS3
Milagros Romera Spanish Teacher for Lengua, Sociales and History of Art KS3, KS4, Bachillerato
Rose Bryant English Literature & Language Teacher A Level, GCSE, KS3
Lesley Clark Head of Humanities; PSHE Coordinator A Level, IGCSE, KS3
Grace Conroy Head of Physical Education KS2, KS3, KS4, KS5
Susana García Spanish Teacher Lengua & Sociales A Level, KS4, KS3
Benjamin Milnes Mathematics Teacher KS3, IGCSE, A Level
Derek Giles Head of ICT A Level, IGCSE, KS3
Rosa Martínez Science Teacher & Laboratory Technician IGCSE, KS3
Ernesto Mormeneo Spanish Teacher for Sociales y Fase Específica; HoD Spanish Director Tecnico; Teacher
Blanca Osset Art & Design Teacher KS3, KS4
Leah Smith Geography Teacher and KS3 ICT Teacher A Level, IGCSE, KS3
Aled Thomas Head of Economics & Business; Examinations Officer; Student Council Coordinator A Level, IGCSE
Pablo Moreno Spanish Teacher for Fase Específica – Mates, Fisica y Quimica Teacher
Andrew McEachen Head of Science; Biology Teacher A Level, IGCSE
David O’Connor Physics & Maths Teacher A Level, IGCSE
David Olivares Pacheco Spanish Teacher for Fase Específica – Biologia Bachillerato
Chetna Shah Head of Mathematics; Teacher of Further Maths; Global Fund for Children Champion A Level, IGCSE
Vicky Wright Head of English A Level, IGCSE, KS3
Ruth Ingleson Year 3 teacher Primary
Gordon McKenzie Year 4 teacher Primary
James Devlin Teacher assistant Lower KS2 Primary
Jill Ormrod Support Teacher Primary
Patricia Arranz Spanish teacher Primary
Helen Ormerod Head of Primary / Interim Collegiate Head
Phil Hudson Interim Collegiate Head
Anita Sánchez Deputy Head of Primary
Gary Cook Learning Support Coordinator
Caroline Nordstrom Teacher Nursery
Silvia Martín Teaching Assistant Nursery
Soraya Núñez Teaching Assistant Nursery
Debra Coghlan Teacher Reception
Rebecca Uhart Teaching Assistant Reception
Jill Ormrod Support Teacher
Chari González Teacher Year 1
Jane Mondejar Teacher Year 2
Gabriel Cons Teaching Assistant KS1
Patricia Arranz Spanish Teacher
Isabel Navazo Music Teacher