Why Choose Hastings School?

Educational excellence and happiness go hand in hand at Hastings School.  Our pupils are multilingual and well prepared, by the time they leave school on an academic and emotional level, to face future challenges.  At Hastings School we are interested in providing the best possible education for your child. Our professionals take care of each child’s integral development within an enriching atmosphere.

Academic Excellence

Our pupils choose the university they wish to attend. 100% of Hastings School pupils that graduated in 2017 are currently at university. 70% of these pupils chose to study in other countries, mainly in the UK.

Our Locations

We offer British education from the ages of 3 to 18 within the city of Madrid. All of our school campuses are located in the heart of Madrid and can be easily accessed both by public transport and on foot.

Strong Relationships

We have a cohort of confident, multi-lingual, resilient, interpersonally skilled and culturally welcoming pupils and teachers at our school. We endeavour our best efforts to help them to fulfil their potential.

New School Locations

In September 2016 we inaugurated two new sites in the neighborhoods of Arturo Soria and Conde Orgaz which will allow us to offer new places for the academic year 2017/2018

Arturo Soria

This campus is only 1.5 km from the Sobradiel campus (Conde Orgaz) is the campus for Key Stage 3, 4 and the Sixth Form, comprising all Year 7 to Year 13 pupils.

Conde Orgaz

Located in Ronda Sobradiel, 31, this new building coexist together with Paseo de la Habana as a specialist Early Years centre and a Key Stage 1 (Year 1 and Year 2) site.