Experiences of Hastings

I attended Hastings as an international student and being welcomed and feeling at home could not have been made easier by the excellent teachers and wonderful staff. From primary through secondary, I considered Hastings to be more than a school. As I grew older, teachers became family and helped me grow as a person, and staff and other students were always close and assisted each other. I'm very thankful to have become a creative independent learner because of what this school has taught me. I gladly spent 10 years of my life here and would highly recommend Hastings to anyone, especially international students looking to settle quick and feel comfortable. The kind and hardworking staff and students make up for the success for this school, and this school will be the root of every bit of success I achieve in my future. Such a lovely environment to have grown up in.
Mamour T.
I transferred to Hastings from another school in Madrid during my last 2 years in high school and it was the greatest decision I ever made. The staff were so welcoming; they take it beyond just your education and make sure each day is better than the last. They go above and beyond in all aspects for their students and I still hold such fond memories of the school even though I graduated 5 years ago. I have attended about 15 schools before I went off to college and Hastings was without a doubt the only one I would ever recommend! Much love to all my favourite teachers and staff, miss you all loads!
Ella T.
My whole family has known Hastings to be home to us for the past decade. For me, it was a wonderful experience, a place where I met teachers that inspired me the most, friends that embodied everything the inspiring culture stood for. I was glad to revisit so many times after finishing and seeing the amazing changes that continue to take place to improve student learning. Many thanks for the everlasting effort in shaping futures!
Sering S.T.
I went to this school from the age of 4 to the age of 18. I cannot recommend it more. It was the care and brilliant teaching of all the staff who have supported me throughout my childhood and beyond, that set me up to a great start in life. A wonderful environment full of kindness, where you feel part of a big family and community!
Chandni S.
I went to Hastings School from Year 1 to Year 13 and can honestly say they were the best years of my life. More than a school, it was a family. Relationships with teachers have always been great, and they have always seen the potential in each individual that they came across. I have made life-long friends, and my time there has shaped who I am today. I am truly proud of what I achieved in my time in Hastings, and this couldn’t have been possible without the support and enthusiasm we got from the teachers. Those who are there now, you are going to come out being a confident, talented and ambitious individual ready for the real world!
Chiraag A.
During 15 years Hastings School was my home. With the support of the teachers and an open-minded education I learnt to accept and respect everyone as equals, to think critically, to achieve my own goals and to aim for the stars. Thanks to the teachers and their support I am the person I am today. I can´t imagine a better british education in Madrid.
Ceci C.
I attended Hastings from the age of 4 until graduation. I can’t think of a better school in the area that could’ve equipped me for a more successful career than Hastings. I graduated in 2013 and soon after, started university in the States. I’m currently working on getting my doctorate at the University of Pittsburgh and still to this day apply the guidance and advice that I received at Hastings. All of our professors stood out because of the knowledge, mentorship and compassion they dedicated to their students. They went the extra mile to ensure that we were fulfilling our potential as students and future professionals. The small teacher to student ratio set students up for success by achieving individualized attention and improving engagement in both didactic and laboratory components of the class. Hastings was also known for their close community; we were a family you could say. The environment here is geared towards students to make them feel comfortable in their own skin without receiving any judgment or bullying. The camaraderie was always present and I felt grounded with my support system here. Needless to say, if you’re considering Hastings don’t hesitate to apply here. Hastings will prepare you for a more successful future than any other school in Madrid thanks to the wonderful staff and the initiative and drive they demonstrate day-to-day.
Amanda M.
Hastings has given me the best student experience from all the schools I've been to (7!). I'm currently doing my MSc at UCL, and I'm constantly reminded of the dynamic between students and teachers at Hastings! Beyond academia, which is one of the best in Madrid for British Education, Hastings was like a close-knit family. I distinctly remember feeling supported and challenged, whilst I was also given permission to develop any passions and take these beyond the curriculum and examinations. Lack of judgment, positive criticism and attention to the student's wellbeing was constant. Truly, the teachers at Hastings are phenomenal These core values at Hastings School are what cemented my positive experience here. It's all up to you as a student to live your best life, and here, you'll have the support, attention and academic foundation to get where you want to be.
Vestaen B.