Bendición de Campos Campus

A charming building from 5 to 9 years old

Bendición de Campos is the next step for the children once they leave Paseo de la Habana at five years old.

It has a family feel with all students known personally and cared for exceptionally well.
With 12 classess (from year 1 to year 4), this building has a playground, dining hall, a beautiful library, indoor gym, music room, kitchen and three smaller classrooms for support teaching.

Physical education lessons are offered in a rented sports facility which is 200m away from the school gates.


Bendición de Campos Campus

Bendición de Campos 5,
Madrid, Spain

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2 - 5 yrs old


5 - 11 yrs old


11 - 15 yrs old


15 - 18 yrs old

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