Lorenzo Solano Tendero Campus

Our lower Secondary Building from 11 to 15 years old

This is our spacious lower Secondary building within a few hundred metres of the Arturo Soria metro station.

Facilities include 3 well-equipped and modern science laboratories, 60 square metre art studio, library, multi-use space, indoor theatre, kitchen, dining hall, rooftop terrace and 5-a-side football pitch.

From Year 7 to Year 10, students learn with specialist native teachers to develop the knowledge and skills they need to be happy, achieve high academic standards and approach the final years of school confidently.


Lorenzo Solano Tendero Campus

Lorenzo Solano Tendero 11,
Madrid, Spain

Learn more about our British curriculum at each educational stage:

2 - 5 yrs old


5 - 11 yrs old


11 - 15 yrs old


15 - 18 yrs old

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