Sobradiel Campus

Incredible outdoor spaces from 2 to 11 years old

In 2021, we refurbished and expanded our Sobradiel campus to create inspirational teaching and learning space for our Early Years and Primary students.

The whole campus is designed to guarantee an unbeatable working and learning environment with learning spaces created to encourage children’s curiosity, creativity and innovation.
It has outdoor spaces, a library, a music room, a multi-purpose space, a kitchen and a dining hall.

Why is it so important to start at Early Years in Hastings School?

We believe that to achieve the best results, you need the best start. At Hastings students have a fully immersive English environment to reach a genuinely native level. The benefits of starting this immersive approach early are well-known:

  • Uses the same part of the brain as the native language

  • Positive correlation to cognitive development

  • Boosts problem-solving, critical-thinking, and listening skills

  • Improves memory, concentration, and the ability to multitask

  • Enhances creativity and mental flexibility

  • Bilingual children have improved reading, writing, and maths skills, and they generally score higher on standardized tests


Sobradiel Campus

Early Years & Primary
Ronda de Sobradiel 31-33,
Madrid, Spain

Learn more about our British curriculum at each educational stage:

2 - 5 yrs old


5 - 11 yrs old


11 - 15 yrs old


15 - 18 yrs old

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