New Sobradiel Campus, from 2 to 11 years old

Do you want to know more about us?

“I am excited to introduce our new project to create an amazing, 21st Century, primary campus in the Conde Orgaz area. 

It offers us the chance to create something really visionary and forward looking – a primary school designed to help young people achieve excellent academic progress but also develop the qualities they will need to thrive at school, university and in life beyond. I hope you find the plans as exciting as we do and please come and visit us to talk further”. 

Neil Tetley 

What makes it unique besides the excellent education? 

 Tailored for their needs

The educational spaces have been designed to meet the needs of each activity, to provide flexibility and have been built using acoustic, thermal and lighting quality solutions to ensure the comfort of children.  

Outdoor spaces and green campus

 ‘Not all classrooms have four walls’. There are comfortable places to sit, talk and play together as well as places for physical challenges and sensory exploration. Students can be in direct contact with nature.


From digital screens to the use of iPads, or even a green room! Technology is used through all the year groups to enhance teaching and learning, allowing interaction and flexibility for children and staff alike.  


It has large multipurpose spaces that have multitude of uses including assemblies, performances, physical education, parent meetings or after-school activities. 

Learning spaces created to encourage children’s curiosity, creativity and innovation  

We have refurbished and expanded our Sobradiel campus to create an inspirational teaching and learning space for our Early Years and Primary students. 

It is a magnificent and unique space where our youngest students can develop and grow.

A whole campus designed to guarantee an unbeatable working and learning environment