Intro to Early Years

Welcome to Early Years

Hastings School is also recognised by the UK Government as an overseas British school having successfully passed an inspection by the British Schools Overseas (BSO) section of the UK Ministry of Education (November 2012).

Early childhood education in Spain

We offer the national curriculum of England adapted to incorporate the minimum requirements of the Spanish national curriculum so that the education of our graduates can be validated by the Spanish Ministry of Education. Essentially this means that we use approximately 20% of our curriculum to teach up to native speaker’s level Spanish and the history and geography of Spain. Our pupils sit a variety UK standardised tracking tests, including MidYIS, Yellis and Alis, the UK standardised achievement tests at the end of year 6 and year 9 (internally corrected), and we offer the traditional battery of externally set, pre-university examinations typical for any British school:

  • International General Certificate of Education (IGCSE; Year 11)
  • Advanced Subsidiary (AS level; Year 12)
  • Advanced Level (A level; Year 13)

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