Our Azulinas building provide tuition for Years 7 to 9 as Year 10 to 13 pupils are in our new site in the Arturo Soria area.

The building covers a gross floor area of 1,230 sq.m.  There are:

  • Eight classrooms
  • An ICT room
  • An Art room
  • Three science laboratories
  • An indoor gym
  • A playground.
  • Kitchen and dining room

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Lorenzo Solano Tendero

In September 2016, this new building became our Key stage 4 site and the Sixth Form (14 to 18 year old). This new campus is only 1,5 km. away from the new Sobradiel campus.

The main areas to emphasize are:

  • An outdoor play space of 3,000 m2 and 800 m2 of outdoor play area
  • A capacity of 450 places organized in 18 different sizes classrooms.
  • Indoor theatre and multi-media space for an audience capacity of 100 people
  • A dining room area (190 places), which can become a multi-use space for presentations, ceremonies and fairs
  • Two libraries (1 for Primary and 1 for Secondary)
  • A multi-use space for fitness, music, aerobics and dance

Three laboratories fully equipped with 24 seats

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