Our Locations


We offer British education from the ages of 2 to 18 within the city of Madrid. All of our school campuses are located in the heart of Madrid and can be easily accessed both by public transport and on foot.

Hastings School is made of six different campuses, all located in the centre of Madrid. Three of these are the district of Chamartín, each around five minutes walking from the others. The other three are situated in Arturo Soria and Conde Orgaz.

We have a shuttle bus service that connects all our sites, just 10 minutes driving distance.


1. Paseo de la Habana (Chamartín)

Early Years (2 – 5 years old)

This large converted chalet in Paseo de la Habana has the longest history within the Hastings family of buildings. It is a dedicated Early Years centre for three classes each of Nursery and Reception pupils.
The building covers a gross floor area of 630 sq.m.  There is a kitchen, a dining room, a sand-pit, a play area, a big main playground and two smaller ones.

2. Sobradiel (Conde Orgaz)

Early Years and Primary (3 – 7 years old)

This site is especially generously spaced and includes an indoor multi-use space for movement, music, and assemblies. There is one class each of Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children based here. Each classroom will have access to its own dedicated outdoor area which will permit free-flow moments to include outside activities. The front-of-building communal play area will consist of approximately 500 square metres including larger toys and learning structures and implements.


3. Bendición de Campos (Chamartín)

Primary (6 – 10 years old)

This tall, well-equipped, four-floor building is a centre dedicated to Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 classes.
It is in the Chamartin area of Madrid and is just around the corner from our Primary campus in Azulinas for Years 5 & 6. The building covers a gross floor area of 1,665 sq. There are three classes per year group in Bendición de Campos, an ICT room, a Music room, three smaller classrooms for support teaching, an indoor gym, a library, kitchen and dining room.

4. Azulinas (Chamartín)

Primary (11 – 12 years old)

This campus houses our Primary pupils from Year 5 to Year 6, and contains several specialist areas: food and technology classroom, IT classroom, multi-purpose space (indoor fitness, assemblies, drama) and a library.
Physical education lessons are offered in a rented sports facility which is 200m away from the school gates.

5. Lorenzo Solano Tendero (Arturo Soria)

Primary and Secondary (7 – 13 years old)

This is our spacious six-floor converted building located in a residential area within a few hundred metres of the Arturo Soria metro station.  

There are 3 well-equipped and modern science laboratories, a 60 square metre art studio, a wireless computer room, a well-resourced library, a separate study area, a multi-use space and an indoor theatre. Physical education lessons are being offered in nearby rented sports facilities and our pupils use school bus transportation to travel there and back.

6. Manuel Marañón (Arturo Soria)

Secondary (14 – 18 years old)

This campus is 3500 m2 distributed across 24 classes, 3 STEM laboratories (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths), 4 Art laboratories (photography, Maker Space, drawing, painting and sculpture), 1 library/study area and 1 cafeteria.  There are 1000m2 divided into areas for group work and rest, and even a hydroponic vertical garden.